Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Home and Surprise, Following Show 'n Tell

...The ending of Show 'n Tell

And I already know what to do first!

In my thoughts, I think we should maybe travel the world, but let's just start with going back home.
Rocket Time!
We land and aboard a plane!
And finally back home!

I was sure that all three of us wanted to sleep, it was very tiring, to fix the world, so once got to my house, we all fell asleep, Zarah on the couch, Calypso on the huge leather chair and me on my bed. Sooo comfy! Have you ever had that feeling that your so happy to be back home and once you lie down on your bed, it feels like a pile of happiness? It was like that with me!

At about 4 in the afternoon, Zarah comes to wake Calypso and I up, I'm guessing she's and early riser. So I think "Back to bed", but Zarah has other ideas!

"Wake up everyone!!!, the news is on!!!"

A commercial goes on, and it's EVENKO, and they say that the best band in the world is going to be play in Montreal, which is near my home town, and they have a contest to win tickets. The rules are: people have come into every house in Quebec and put a ticket on their fridge. I look on mine, and there it is. The numbers have already been drawn. My numbers are 4900234. My friends' numbers are 0938227 and 5498261. And the winning numbers are.... 7049618. But there's another prize, which is one of a kind. The winning numbers on that one are...4900234. I won it!!

15 minutes later, something comes in my mailbox. It's a bracelet, made of real silver and looks like something I've seen somewhere. I put it on, and it fits perfectly. Epicness!

That bracelet looked so familiar, as if... OMG!! It matches the band's bracelet. But, that's impossible, you can only get that if your part of the band (because every band's bracelet is different), unless they give it to you....

We go to the concert anyways, with enough money to pay very expensive last minute front row tickets.
The security guard doesn't say anything. He lets us pass, without tickets. That isn't right! Suspicion comes over me, and I feel something isn't right, until I enter.

The entire thing was huge, and we arrived just in time for the band to start!!! But they wait, and a spotlight comes over us.

Everyone moves to make some sort of passage for us.
"We have a few special visitors with us tonight. These people saved the entire planet on their own!! And I hear the major one can sing. Actually, the paparazzi was following them, and we heard them sing, which is why we gave they that bracelet. Here's the thing, we don't know if they wants to accept it and be one of us. A member of our band. Do they?" Is what the lead singer said.
I replied saying "I wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world!!" I said that because it was my life long dream, the one I've have since I was a child. It felt great being on that stage but my friends have only went there to make me happy. My turn!

I go see a Writing and Literature university. I tell them of Zarah's writing talents, and I ask them if they could offer a scholarship for her. They give a huge offer of a 3 year, 6 semester scholarship. I take the envelope to Zarah, and damn was she ever happy. I swear it took her 2 days before getting over it. 1 down, 1 to go.

I leave to go see Calypso the next morning. I ask if I could "Borrow" her best piece of art. It turns out to be a women and her husband hulding hands, but she's crying tears of blood. Wonder where that came from. Anyways, I take the painting to a popular art museum. They accept right away her, as they said, finest and beautiful piece of art. I took her to the exibit later during that day, and the plaque underneath says that it's valued at $450 000. Amazing!! And she was just as happy as Zarah was!

I guess I could end this post with a small message.
Never take your friends for granted and always stand by them.

My friends, my true friends outside of blogger, I'm sorry for everything I've done wrong. And I beg that you listen to this song and it will tell you everything!!

...........................................................Author's Note......................................................................
What's your life long dream? Tell me so I may consider adding it to one of the posts.
Also, I'm looking for new characters, if any one's interested.
Wait and find out soon what's to come. If your lost, click here to beginning of the series!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Show 'n Tell, newest on Building Hope

...Ending of Distruction

I can stop this.

But how?

With my friends Zarah and Calypso, we all aboard a plane. We're going to Washington! Up in the air, we look through a window.What a view!

Half an hour later, we land in Washington to see what's happened. The capital building is completly destroyed, the huge monument is cut in half and the White House is about to collapse. Reminds me of the song "Waiting for the End". It was the most terrifying sight. The air is ice cold, but it's about 30 degrees Celsius.

We hop on the plane to L.A.

Zarah is showing me some book on the 8 elements that should help me know how to do something to help the world in it's disasterous state. By the way, the 8 elements are water, earth, air, fire, light, dark, spirit and , strangly, wood. In the plane, we have a glass of water, a candle, a wood chip, and shadows. Anyways, I'm practicing my elemental powers and so far, I'm doing really well.

Calypso's face turns beet red, followed by Zarah's face too. I ask "What's going on?" They both pull up their sleeves and show me their under wrists.

My tattoo symbol thingy. "How did this happen?" I ask.
"By saving you when you fell down during the festival, we earned a piece of your tattoos!" Calypso answers..

This is good. It means I won't have to fight this on my own.

We reach Los Angeles, and we can't even land because of all the distruction. So instead, we head to Ottawa to board a rocket that will take us to the satelite, where we can reach every corner of the planet.

At the satelite, I'm warming up my power so I can heal the world. I start with a circle of the elements, where I call them all to come to me. The water shall clean the floods and take out the fire, the earth shall remove the earthquakes,the fire shall give warmth to the world, the wood will rebuild the building that have been distroyed, the the spirit shall heal the broken souls, the air shall help breathe the people, the light shall shed sun into the cloudy skies and the dark shall make it a safe night.

The people who work in the satelite show us pictures and videos of the world presently. The world has been fully restored, the world is healed and the people's souls are mended. I'm satisfied. I feel something going on to my eyes, so I look in a mirror and guess what I see... My eyes start to glow and I float in the air.

I am now a ruler of the world.
My friends rule with me.
We have really fancy clothing now.
And we have the power to do anything.

And I already know what to do first!

..........................................................Author's note......................................

Would you want to live like this? Tell me by commenting below, if you don't see this message, Click here or get some glasses already. But if you do have glasses, scrap that crud out you your eyes! Trust me, works all the time!!

All characters and events aren't real, and they never will be. So don't worry!!!

All bands, songs, lyrics, websites, places, -ian + -ers titles (like Ontarian and Quebecers) and  food names are all real though!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Distruction, A bridge

... The ending of New World and a Dream

Crap, I forgot what day it was!

December 21, 2012

I turn on the tv and switch to the news. It's the biggest tragedy I had ever seen! From Boston to Quebec City and from San Francisco to Florida, everything is destroyed, from buildings to roads and everything in between. Washington is in the worst state as New York is! Zarah tells me to be thankful that it hasn't hit us that bad.

Huge chunks of Hail and ash falling from the sky...

And my symbol thing never stops growing! It frames my face completely, but it's pretty. I feel the urge to do something about it, and help the world. Besides, if what Zarah told me about the symbols giving me magical powers is true, then

I can stop this.

But how?

................................................Author's Note................................................

This bit is meant for it to help you understand the situation better and to give a bit of suspense to the books.
This is a bridge between New World and a Dream and the next in the series!!!

New World and a Dream, part of Building Hope

...the ending of Becoming

But I don't know what's happening to me!

I fall asleep.
I had a dream I was in another world. Kingdoms were all over the place, and I ruled one of them. My kingdom was huge, and I had unmatchable power, it was terrifying, but then I realize, I`m in Brazil in Medieval times with the music and knights and everything else to. The landscape was amazing, I didn`t want to wake up. I felt so in power I could do anything. Right then, a dragon appeared...

Instantly, I woke up.

I`m in my room, reminding myself it was just a dream. It felt so real, I was standing in the dream itself. It was only 9 in the morning, but I felt as rested as I would be if I slept until 2 in the afternoon. WEIRD WITH A CAPITAL W-E-I-R-D!

I walk on my porch, as I do almost every morning, Taking a breath of fresh air. And a friend of mine, Calypso, is downstairs yelling "Come downstairs, I have something to show you!". I slip on a quick dress and run to join them at the closest park.

Everyone yells "Happy Birthday, Your Highness!"

Yes, it was my birthday. Wait, ... Your Highness???

By the way, the symbols grew. It now crossed my shomach and went down my left leg.Zarah runs up to me with an extremely shiny object. It sorta looked like a necklace. As they come closer, I saw it was. It looked so expensive, I was scared of touching it. Zarah immediately ties it around my neck. A friend from school shows up at some point and ties a matching bracelet around my wrist. Weirdly enough, I sense some sort of connection to the jewelry, but i feel it more on my wrist, to the bracelet. And guess who wasn't there, my Ontarian friend. I looked all over, but nobody saw them.

The music starts.

I'm sitting on a chair in front of everyone else, who are, of course, dancing. The friend who gave me the bracelet strangly grabs hold of my hand.

Then a bunch of things happened!!!

The music stops, There's a major earthquake and everything falls down.

Crap, I forgot what day it was!

December 21, 2012

......................................................Author's Note....................................................

Is the 12/21/12 theory true? Will the highness be able to stop the tragedy?
Find out in the next book in the Building Hope series!